Specification Sailaway Sailaway Lined Sailaway Additions
Fully fitted Beta Marine engine (sized to boat)
110AH Starter battery fitted
5x Windows & 4x Portholes (chrome or brass)
5x Mushroom vents
6 x Weld in type fender eyes
4 x 2.5kg Anodes welded on
Ballasted on a bitumen painted & felted base
Treated plywood floor throughout
Fully battened and spray foamed
Lined in light Oak
Hull sides lined in 9 mm oak-faced ply
Bow & stern lined in 12mm oak-faced ply
Cabin sides lined in 9mm oak-faced ply framed with solid wood
Deck head lined in 6mm
2x full, 1x half bulkheads 18mm block board
12v wiring tails dropped behind panelling in conduit
All 12v wiring is colour coded
Wiring Terminated in the lighting track
230v ring main wiring fitted
Socket tails and switch tails fitted
12v LED lighting & switches installed
6x 230v sockets installed
2x USB 230v sockets installed
Victron 3kw/120A Multi-Plus inverter charger
4 x 135ah domestic batteries
4kw diesel-fired central heating
3x radiators, 1x towel rail
55l twin coil calorifier connected to the engine
230v 1kw immersion heater