Dogs and cats are a common sight on-board canal boats and narrowboats. Ensure you give thought to your furry friends safety on-board

Dogs & cats are a common sight on a narrowboat
Cats are often found as pets on a narrowboat
Dogs are often seen enjoying cruising on a narrowboat

Pet Safety… What Do You Need To Know?

n recent years there has been a rise in the availability of pet safety equipment. As dog and cat owners, as well as narrow boat owners, we at the FitOutPontoon really do appreciate the value of pet safety.

Pet life jackets are available from safety equipment suppliers, on line and some chandlers. Different sizes are available to suit all breeds, and some come with useful recovery handles for lifting the unfortunate victim from the water.

Pet safety is not just about keeping them safe from hazards, it’s also about making sure they do not become a hazard.

Many narrowboat owners and holiday makers enjoy the company of pets; pay particular attention to your pet around locks. We have seen several unfortunate owners become entangled in their eager pets lead whilst trying to operate the lock. It’s a short step from either or both ending up in the water.

Pet Safety

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