Invaluable for anyone designing and planning their own widebeam layout, these are the perfect aid for designing/drawing to scale. Simply select your widebeam criteria and we’ll produced, print and send you a series of 1:25 scale plan, side & end views matching your requirements.
Each set of widebeam DIY Design Plans includes four separate printed sheets all designed to 1:25 scale (which means 1mm on the drawing equals 1″ in real life). The slides above show examples of each individual design sheet.Each Design Set Includes…
In summary you will received one page with two widebeam plan views created to easily allow you to play around and compare different layouts. The second sheet includes a single widebeam plan view purposefully created with plenty of white space to allow you to add dimensions and electrical and plumbing notes. The third sheet includes a widebeam plan view and two widebeam side views, ideal for those looking to develop the design to a more advanced stage.

Included with every order is our general equipment sheet which contains common appliances; furniture, beds, showers, stoves, radiators & toilets all drawn at 1:25 scale to give you a head start with the drawing.

Customer Feedback: As all the general equipment is drawn to the correct scale of your drawings, cut them out and like a jigsaw explore different layouts before you commit a pen to paper.

Fully Customise Your Widebeam Drawing Sets Now For Just £44.95 Each

Additional Drawing Sets ONLY£19.95 each.

Delivery Fee from £4.95 (usually received 3 – 5 working days from order for UK orders only). European and worldwide delivery options available.


Please Note: All orders are invoiced through our sister company The Creative Pontoon Ltd.