A more popular modern choice than baths due to the lack of space on narrowboats. Small footprint shower units are available and the increase in choice of decorative waterproof panelling means you are no longer restricted to ceramic or plastic tiles

A shower installed on a walk through bathroom on a narrowboat
A compact bath can be fitted in to the smallest of narrow boat bathrooms
Consider standing height when installing a shower on a narrow boat

Showers… Installation

Installing a shower on a narrowboat is a popular choice. There are additional considerations to take in to account when installing a shower on a narrow boat, particularly when thinking about the shower surround and the waste water. This needs to be considered if you are buying a sailaway canal boat or re-fitting your current narrowboat. A leaking shower can cause a multitude of damage and often it is not apparent until many months later! If you are re-designing your canal boat, you may have the option to change the size and style of shower enclosure. Ensure you have planned for ample space by using our DIY canal design plans.

Tiles can be fixed to timber bulkheads with good quality silicon and grouted with flexible grout. This gives a higher degree of impact resistance and movement than traditional cement based tile adhesives.

Shower waste systems are lower than the hull outlet, being below the waterline. Therefore waste water has to be pumped from the waste outlet up and out of the skin fitting. Low profile waste outlets are available so as not to foul the bilges. Self priming, non clogging, high lift diaphragm pumps are used as one of the simplest and reliable ways of lifting the waste.

Other methods include a sump box which works by sensing water level and automatically turning on to pump water.

Knowing that shower waste is particularly harsh on pumps, pipework and fittings as soap and hair build up can cause problems. When fitting out make sure there are no jagged edges to pipes etc that could cause hair to catch and build up to an obstruction.

Whatever method you use, be sure you can access the low profile waste, pump and pipework for future maintenance and replacement.

Showers… Size Considerations

It is possible to use household shower enclosures on a narrowboat

Household Shower Enclosures

With careful planning and consideration to shower tray depths it is possible to use some of the shorter household shower enclosures on a narrowboat.

Take a look at the diagram to the right, you will see the critical cabin dimensions surrounding a shower installation. In general terms these dimensions are on the generous side and depending on the age of the boat, flooring and sub flooring they will alter accordingly.

Heights of household shower enclosures generally range from 1800mm – 2025mm so you will be considering the shorter options. In order to take advantage of the maximum height available it’s beneficial to site the shower towards the centre of the cabin.

Purpose built shower enclosures for narrowboats are available

Narrowboat Shower Enclosures

To avoid the hassle surrounding installing household shower enclosures why not consider a purpose built narrow boat solution. In ‘short’ they offer all the features of a household enclosures with the added benefit of being manufactured to an optimum height.

Take for example quadrant shower enclosures manufactured for the narrowboat market, the critical height dimensions typically range from 1600-1700mm. This saving of 100-200mm is all that’s required for a comfortable installation.

Quadrant shower trays are available on a narrow boats

Quadrant Shower Trays

Typical Sizes Options:
800 x 800mm
900 x 900mm

Square shower trays are available for narrowboats

Square Shower Trays

Typical Size Options:
600 x 600mm
700 x 700mm
760 x 760mm
800 x 800mm
900 x 900mm

Pentangle shower trays are available for a narrow boat

Pentangle Shower Trays

Typical Size Options
800 x 800mm
900 x 900mm

Rectangular shower trays are available for narrow boats

Rectangular Shower Trays

Typical Size Options
800 x 700mm
800 x 760mm
900 x 700mm
900 x 760mm

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