Plumbing a narrowboat can be a daunting prospect. When taken in bite sized chunks the task is a lot easier. There appears to be a myriad of different fittings fired at the marine, caravan and motorhome markets that look nothing like their domestic equivalents.

Radiator fittings on a narrowboat
Plumbing fitament on a narrow boat
Narrowboat plumbing fitaments

In practice plumbing on a narrowboat is relatively simply.

It is possible to interface domestic fittings with boat systems, sometimes the only area of creativity will come when attaching domestic waste pipe to flexible hose to connect to through hull barbed outlets.

More creativity is required for shower waste outlets as they exit,by their nature, below the waterline. The motorhome market is a good source of low profile products here, many of which are finding their way into the traditional chandleries as boat owners tastes change.

Your local plumbers merchant can be an invaluable source of wisdom if you have a problem that needs an unusual fitting for a solution.

Plumbing… Locating Equipment

This is an easy one and by now you will have the measure of us…

All installations on a narrow boat must be done in conjunction with the Boat Safety Scheme and Recreational Craft Directive.

Think about future proofing installations. Fit service valves and stop cocks in convenient positions and never bury pipework behind immovable panel work or furniture.

Long pipe runs should be at floor level covered by small removable plinths. Access/inspection panels should be cut into furniture.

Pumps especially should be accessible for regular inspection to pipe connections and wiring.

It’s the detail planning that sets apart the top quality narrowboats. You will be glad of the hours spent at this stage at some time in the future. Trust us!

Fitments & Equipment

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