It is possible to install a bath on a narrowboat. On a widebeam vessel a standard domestic bath can easily be installed. On a smaller narrow boat there are compact baths that can sourced from marine chandlerys

It is possible to install a bath on a narrowboat
A compact bath can be fitted in to the smallest of narrow boat bathrooms
A luxury whirlpool bath is an option on a narrowboat

Baths… What Do You Need To Know?

Baths are a little trickier to accommodate in narrow boats. However there are suppliers and a trip to your local chandlery will usually unearth several options for you to choose from. Look on-line for specialist suppliers as often good deals can be had on unusual styles. For narrow boats, plan on dimensions in the region of 120cm x 70cm square with an internal depth of 40cm or so & you can’t go wrong. Using a DIY design narrowboat plan to plot out the space to maximum affect to see if you can accommodate a bath

What you will have to carefully plan is water capacity, pump capacity and water heating to adequately take advantage of your luxury installation.

Using the average size above and filling it ¾ full would mean you will have to store and heat over 200 litres of water to enjoy the same sensation as at home. That’s at least 2 large calorifiers full of water which will need replacing from the water point.

It’s doable, but as we say requires careful planning and probably the use of the immersion facility on the calorifier as well as the engine heating.


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