Protect your investment in the paintwork of your narrowboat by ensuring you regularly polish the paint work to keep it gleaming whilst protecting from UV damage.

Narrowboat paint work can soon become dull from environmental impacts
Regular polishing of your narrowboat paintwork will help to protect from UV damage
Narrowboat paint work is soon brightened with a good polish and a lot of elbow grease

Polishing… What Do You Need To Know?

Protecting the narrowboat paint finish is important. However you’ve achieved it, it has cost good money.

Regular polishing with a good quality wax or silicon protector will help the paint last longer.

Modern products are available with UV inhibitors to prevent fading. If nothing else, you are regularly inspecting your narrow boat and will therefore notice any deterioration before it becomes a serious issue.

At the very least, try and remove duck mess as soon as you can. This has got to be one of the most corrosive substances known to man and can eat fresh paintwork back to bare metal.


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