Our narrowboat and widebeam technical drawing production service has been developed for private and trade clients who have a clear vision of their design, and are comfortable with the design, development and refinement process but are looking for a professional avenue to translate their sketches into executive manufacturing drawing.


Stage One – Customer Supplied Design Detail

Before the technical drawing process begins we’ll require a detailed set of sketches producing on our ‘DIY Design Drawing Sets’ labelled up correctly using the keys provided. We’ll supply you with a few completed technical drawing set to help you understand what details are generally required.

Below: An example page taken from our DIY Design Drawing Sets

Widebeam Plans, Design Software, Technical Drawings Plan View

Stage Two – Initial Narrowboat Or Widebeam Design Review

Once we’ve received your completed DIY Design Drawing Sets we’ll provide a basic review of the supplied narrowboat or widebeam design, where we’ll double check all the required information has been supplied, ensure every looks like it will work in practice and that no critical considerations have been overlooked.

Stage Three – Technical Drawing Process

Post initial review and confirmation of any changes we’ll create a full set of manufactured drawings, which generally includes a drawing with aperture detail, another for the overall internals, one for the plumbing and electrics and finally a further drawing for the lighting including lighting banks and switch detail.


Narrowboat & Widebeam Technical Drawing Production

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