Located on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire The Fit Out Pontoon’s team of experienced boat builders and fitters transform fantastic designs from concepts into realities. All our narrowboat and widebeam fit outs begin with our industry leading design consultations where we’ll take your ideas, develop and refine them and translate these into manufacture drawings for our teams of builders and fitters to work from.

Buying a canal boat is a substantial investment, one we feel our clients should direct. Our aim is to design and build dream narrowboats & widebeams individual to client styles, tastes and requirements. We love creating truly unique spaces and because of this we don’t have rules or restrictions! If you’re in the market for a bespoke narrowboat or widebeam you may well have just found your perfect boat builder.

Wide beam, Widebeam Builders - Whitewashed Cabin Sides

Narrowboat Builders & Widebeam Boat Builders

  • Leading the way in bespoke fabrication & exceptionally high-end fitouts
  • An open minded, flexible & tailored approach to boat building
  • Purchase a truely personlised boat to your taste, style and requirements
  • Working with us, bespoke means bespoke, not just a change of layout
  • Receive our industry leading 1-2-1 design consultation service
  • Full range of visualisation capabilities from line drawing to 3D modelling
  • Our team of builders and fitters are time served craftsmen
  • Work with a company which prides itself on honesty and integrity
  • British Marine Federation members adhering to a strict code of practice




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Recent Narrowboat Build

TELLING TALES – Widebeam Childrens Bookshop & Events Boat

Book shelving and childrens area on widebeam fit out

‘Telling Tales’ was an inspiring project to be involved with. She is a 60x12ft widebeam boat designed and fitted out as a contemporary children’s bookshop and events boat. The design of the boat provides built-in shelving to showcase titles, additional headroom, a roof window and reading nooks for children. Materials such as Birch plywood have been chosen to provide a modern and light environment which will be welcoming to both children and their parents. The boat is fitted with a kitchen and Espresso machine serving a range of drinks and snacks.

This boat will be a floating trader continuously moving around the London network for more information please have a look at their Facebook Page

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Bespoke wheelhouse installed on a widebeam barge

This project was a very individual 65x12ft widebeam sailaway lined with a bespoke sapele wheelhouse. Internally the boat was supplied complete with bulkheads, electrics and plumbing installed. The hull was completely designed and customised to suit our clients requirements. The shape of the bow has taken its inspiration from a dutch barge. At the stern there’s a permanent outdoor oval seating area suitable for entertaining up to eight guests. Forward of this there is a custom-built collapsible double glazed wheelhouse manufactured from sapele hardwood. Internally the lining is high-grade birch ply (to be painted post hand over), trim and window liners machined from sapele to match the wheelhouse.


If you’re aspiring to own a canal boat which is individually designed and built to your needs the first step should always a thorough, professional design process. Its crazy really in the housing market you wouldn’t dream of pricing or building a house without a detailed set of plans, yet as a whole within the canal boat industry the design process is all too often overlooked and under rated! Let’s be clear, a narrowboat, or widebeam, can only ever be as good as it’s design!

If you are serious about building a dream boat then the first step has to be our industry leading ‘All-in-One’ design service, this literally brings your boat to life. Together we’ll follow the design process from an initial concept to fruition ensuring the internal layout of your narrowboat or widebeam boat is perfectly planned down to the inch. With our impeccable drawing skills you’ll be able to visualise your canal boat with absolute clarity. Once we’ve finalised the design, specification, customisations, onboard equipment, materials and finishes we can put a detailed proposal together for the build & fitout.

To help you appreciate our design and planning process below is a full production drawing produced for one of our recent builds. We hope you’ll agree producing a drawing with such detail provides the perfect project management foundation. If you’re serious about maximising the potential for success and minimising misinterpretation why don’t give us a call to discuss your project in more detail? Our phone number is 0115 727 0165.

Detailed planning before a narrowboat build commences is essential


Within our well equipped workshop Dom runs the production and is responsible for fitting out our narrowboat & widebeam build projects, with a huge skill set, Dom brings with him decades of experience from high-end shop fitting. In short Dom makes the unachievable, achievable and is more than confident working with traditional timbers through to corian, glass, aluminium, laminates, and faced boards. Importantly for The Fit Out Pontoon Dom is not a traditional boat fitter, he doesn’t have fixed ideas on how boats should look and is very much enthused by custom projects that challenge tradition.

In terms of the electrics, plumbing and mechanical side we have Dave. With many years experience working in the marine industry Dave is also a live-aboard narrowboater, so understands the theory/practice along with challenges boating brings.  With regards to finish we have Adam (also a live-aboard narrowboater), he is a perfectionist and is responsible for lacquering the finished boards and furniture. This just leaves the engineering works and external painting. Both of these elements are sub-contracted to specialised partners, all working to the same exceptional standards as The Fit Out Pontoon.

Bring all these people together and The Fit Out Pontoon is in a league of their own when it comes to delivering on high-end, bespoke canal boat projects.


“We met Mark a couple of years ago at Crick Boat Show, when he was immediately helpful and gave honest advice (to a couple of amateurs!) about our plans to build a boat – and he struck us then as someone we’d like to work with. We’re now two months into a new adventure living on a bespoke widebeam barge as continual cruisers on the canals of London. Our boat has a very unusual (and for us, very stylish!) interior that was turned down by builders all over the country; but Mark stuck with us throughout, creating the plans for our design, finding us partners who’d work with us, project managing the whole process and ultimately using his own team of talented craftsmen to complete the complicated carpentry of the interior.

The general world of canal boat building is not customer facing nor is it a welcoming place for the non-initiated, believe me – but Mark is a new breed of boat builder who understands that world, but also gets your passion and gets modern customer service – he’s communicative and responsive, a creative and a problem solver, online and IT savvy and, crucially, he can explain all the complicated stuff to idiots like us! We love our boat and would not have moved beyond the dreaming stage without him.” Damian Spandley – Double Denim