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Located on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire The Fit Out Pontoon’s team of experienced boat builders and fitters transform fantastic designs from concepts into realities. All our narrowboat and widebeam fit outs begin with our industry leading design consultations where we’ll take your ideas, develop and refine them and translate these into manufacture drawings for our teams of builders and fitters to work from.

Buying a canal boat is a substantial investment, one we feel our clients should direct. Our aim is to design and build dream boats individual to client styles, tastes and requirements. We love creating truly unique spaces and because of this we don’t have rules or restrictions, we’re open to anything! If you’re in the market for a bespoke canal boat you might well have just found the perfect builder.

Wide beam, Widebeam Builders - Whitewashed Cabin Sides

Bespoke Boat Builders

  • An open minded, flexible & tailored approach to boat building
  • Purchase a truely personlised boat to your taste, style and requirements
  • Working with us, bespoke means bespoke, not just a change of layout
  • Receive our industry leading 1-2-1 design consultation service
  • Full range of visualisation capabilities from line drawing to 3D modelling
  • Suppliers of shells, sailways & fully fitted narrowboats & widebeams
  • Our team of builders and fitters are time served craftsmen
  • Work with a company which prides itself on honesty and integrity
  • British Marine Federation members adhering to a strict code of practice




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“We met Mark a couple of years ago at Crick Boat Show, when he was immediately helpful and gave honest advice (to a couple of amateurs!) about our plans to build a boat – and he struck us then as someone we’d like to work with. We’re now two months into a new adventure living on a bespoke widebeam barge as continual cruisers on the canals of London. Our boat has a very unusual (and for us, very stylish!) interior that was turned down by builders all over the country; but Mark stuck with us throughout, creating the plans for our design, finding us partners who’d work with us, project managing the whole process and ultimately using his own team of talented craftsmen to complete the complicated carpentry of the interior.

The general world of canal boat building is not customer facing nor is it a welcoming place for the non-initiated, believe me – but Mark is a new breed of boat builder who understands that world, but also gets your passion and gets modern customer service – he’s communicative and responsive, a creative and a problem solver, online and IT savvy and, crucially, he can explain all the complicated stuff to idiots like us! We love our boat and would not have moved beyond the dreaming stage without him.” Damian Spandley – Double Denim


If you’re aspiring to own a canal boat individually built and designed specifically around your needs, a thorough and professional design process is essential. Its crazy really in the housing market you wouldn’t dream of building a house without a detailed set of plans, yet as a whole in the canal boat industry this side of things is all too often overlooked! If you haven’t already thought about it, a canal boat can only ever be as good as it’s design.

Our industry leading design service literally brings your boat to life, together we’ll follow the design process from concept to fruition to ensure the internal layout of your canal boat is perfectly planned down to the inch. With our impeccable drawing skills you’ll be able to visualise your canal boat with absolute clarity with our detailed manufacturing drawings. Produced and printed to 1:25 scale these drawings are the perfect focal point for everyone involved to plan, work and communicate from.

69x11ft Widebeam - Designed by The Fit Out Pontoon - UK's leading canal boat designers


As bespoke narrowboat and widebeam boat builders it’s impossible for us to offer a standard catch-all set of prices. However, we’ve developed and listed below our base specification and published an associated fully fitted price list to give you an indication of our pricing. Further down the page we’ve also itemsied some of the most popular extras and upgrades to help you consider further the costs involved.

If you are looking for bespoke canal boat and would like a detailed quotation there’s two options really, one if you know exactly what you require please send us through a detailed specification from which we can price from. Alternatively, if you haven’t created a specification and/or aren’t sure of the size of the boat you’ll need you may well benefit from our ‘All-In-One’ Design service where together we’ll develop and create a personalised specification and layout, from which The Fit Out Pontoon and other canal boat builders can price from. Our ‘All-In-One’ design service is a stand alone service and there’s absolutely no obligation to commission us with your build, but if you do decide to carry on working with The Fit Out Pontoon we’ll take the cost of our design service off your build cost. For more details on or narrowboat & widebeam design services click on the hyperlink.

  • Choice of reverse or traditional layout
  • Solid oak worktops
  • Gas oven & grill
  • Standalone gas hob
  • 230v Fridge
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Open plan saloon
  • 24” TV cabinet
  • Solid fuel stove
  • 800x800mm shower, waterproof panelling
  • Cassette toilet with 12v flush
  • Vanity unit with solid oak worktops
  • Standalone porcelain sink and chrome taps
  • Bedroom fixed double bed with 3x drawers
  • Sprung mattress supplied
  • One full size wardrobe
  • 5x Windows 4x Ports 1x Side door
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • 4 x Domestic batteries
  • Victron 3kw inverter/120A combi charger
  • 12v LED lighting throughout
  • 6x 230v double sockets
  • 2x 230v double sockets with USB points
  • Light switches to your location
  • Diesel-fired central heating
  • 3x radiators, 1x towel rail
  • 55lt twin coil calorifier connected to the engine
  • 230v immersion heater
  • Engineered oak flooring, lino in bathroom
  • Hand painted with a choice of colours
  • 2x primer, 2x undercoat, 3x coats of yacht enamel
  • 3x coats of hull blacking


Length Narrowboat Prices 10ft Widebeam Prices 11ft Widebeam Prices 12ft Widebeam Prices
45ft From £66,000 inc vat From £86,750 inc vat From £90,750 inc vat From £92,750 inc vat
50ft From £70,500 inc vat From £94,000 inc vat From £98,000 inc vat From £100,000 inc vat
57ft From £78,500 inc vat From £99,500 inc vat From £103,500 inc vat From £90,915 ex vat*
60ft From £82,000 inc vat From £106,000 inc vat From £110,000 inc vat From £96,335 ex vat*
65ft From £86,000 inc vat From £111,500 inc vat From £115,500 inc vat From £100,915 ex vat*
70ft From £89,500 inc vat From £117,000 inc vat From £121,000 inc vat From £106,335 ex vat*

* Prices shown with residential VAT reduction, vessels of this size qualify for zero vat rating if used as a permanent residence

Please note: Craneage and delivery costs are extra

All prices on this website are subject to change without notice. While we make every effort to provide you the most accurate, up-to-date information, occasionally, one or more items on our website may be mis-priced. We reserve the right to refuse to honor any incorrect prices.


Extra Item Price (inc vat)
Semi Traditional Stern (Narrowboat) £1,500 inc vat
Taff Rail Seats (Narrowboat Trad & Semi-Trad) £100 inc vat (pair)
Steel Recessed Side Panels (Narrowboat Trad & Semi-Trad) £1000 inc vat (pair)
Bow Thruster Locker (Narrowboat) £850 inc vat
Tug Style Bow (Narrowboat) £1,200 inc vat
Enclosed Stern With Seats (Widebeam) £2,500 inc vat
Bow Thruster Locker (Widebeam) £1,000 inc vat
Square Cruiser Stern £1,000 inc vat
Stern Lockers (Cruiser Stern) £300 inc vat (pair)
Bow Lockers £300 inc vat (pair)
Full Length Rubbing Strake/Strip £700 inc vat (pair)
V Type Fender Eyes £30 inc vat (each)
Tubular Roof Handrails £500 inc vat (pair)
10mm Box Roof Grab Rail £400 inc vat (pair)
Roof Light (Steelwork Only) £450 inc vat (each)
Bow Window Cut-Outs £100inc vat (pair)
Side Hatch (Steelwork Only) £700 inc vat (each)
Side Doors (Steelwork Only) £400 inc vat (each)
Glazed Sky Light £1,400 inc vat (each)
Electric Roof Light £2,000 inc vat (each)
Bow Windows £650 inc vat (pair)
Extra Item Price (inc vat)
Double Glazed Window Upgrade £1,850 inc vat (std. set)
Tug Style Bow (Narrowboat) £1,200 inc vat
Additional Single Glazed Window 36" £190 inc vat (each)
Additional Single Glazed Porthole 18" £160 inc vat (each)
Wooden Cratch £850 inc vat
Pump-Out Toilet & Tank £1,950 inc vat
Fuel & Water Gauges £650 inc vat
Bow Thruster 55kgf £3,000 inc vat
Engine Upgrade From £1,850 inc vat
Pullman or L-Shaped Dinette From £2,200 inc vat
Pull-Out Bed Upgrade £500 inc vat
Crossover Type Bedroom Upgrade £1,500 inc vat
Granite Worktop Upgrade £3,000 inc vat
Extra Wardrobe From £450 inc vat
Full Height Pull-Out Larder From £550 inc vat
Washing Machine £600 inc vat
Washer Dryer £700 inc vat
Second Bedroom From £2,200 inc vat
Diesel Stove Upgrade £1650 inc vat
Eye Level Oven & Grill Stack £600 inc vat
Flush Mount Solar Panel Installation £2,500 vat