With the increase in inverter efficiency and the trend to larger batteries banks, mains lighting became more popular. However, technological advances in recent years concerning LED lighting design, output, and efficiency shows a trending to low voltage direct current lighting

230V AC lighting on a narrowboat.
230v internal lighting on a narrowboat
230v DC lighting can be used on a narrowboat if you have the power management to cope with it

230v AC Lighting… Basics!

The addition of a 230v AC lighting ring will be entirely dependent on the electrical design of your narrowboat.

As with 12v DC, the capacity of the system is all important. If you are running exclusively from an inverted power source you will have to plan your lighting circuit very carefully. In this case our power audit tool in the Electrical Chapter is absolutely essential. Work through the steps of battery selection, sizing your inverter and considering how to put the power back and be mindful of all this when calculating power for 230v AC units.

With the modern advancements in LED lighting, you have to ask yourself if you really need 230v AC or do you stick to lighting on a DC system. Maybe you are a crafter or have the need for a specific style of light only available in AC form. OK, still plan your power management but consider DC LED technology for the rest of the narrow boat.

230v AC Lighting

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