Part of our essential narrow boat cruising kit, contains various implements for pushing, poking and rescuing things. Also handy for reaching dry land when moorings are challenging!

Poles, hooks and ladders are essential cruising equipment on a narrowboat
A hook on a narrowboat is part of the essential cruising kit
A plank on a narrowboat roof can come in very useful when mooring up

Hooks, Poles & Ladders… What Do You Need?

Part of our essential narrowboat cruising kit contains various implements for pushing, poking and rescuing things.

Barge poles are used for pushing the narrow boat away from obstructions or for moving through shallow water. They are handy in the event of an engine failure to help get punt to the bank.

You will find boat hooks are useful for a variety of tasks, not least of which will be fishing out bits of clothing that have blown it. Extendable versions are available as are pole mounted multi-tools. Interchangeable heads allow one pole to be used as a rake, a grapple, or a hook.

Small lightweight ladders are often carried in the hope no-one needs to use them! A shallow canal can be a very difficult place to get out of and a ladder just may be a life saver. Lightweight board can be attached to one side of a ladder to double it’s usefulness as an access planks. These are handy for when it is not possible to moor close to the bank and bridge the gab between the boat and the towpath.

Poles, Hooks & Ladders

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