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You’ve got to be able to plug in your appliances and turn the lights on your narrow boat on and off. There are ratings to consider when specifying sockets and switches for your narrowboat, so work out your electrical loads and rate the units accordingly.

Sockets on narrowboats can also combine a USB port
With the right electrical set up on a narrowboat, it is possible to run most modern appliances
Specifying the correct sockets on a narrowboat is vital

Sockets & Switches… What Do You Need To Know?

With a correctly installed and protected AC system, it is perfectly acceptable practise to use sockets and switches designed for common household use on a narrowboat. Electrical factors, on-line suppliers and DIY stores are a good source. The only restriction is your imagination.

With reference to 12VDC, it is important to make sure that the fitting is correctly rated for the amp you intend to push through it. For example, many accessory sockets are rated a 10amps but a bit of searching around will find units rated up to 15amps.

It’s worth noting here that if you intend dimming LED lighting on your narrow boat, make sure the LED’s are compatible and the dimmer is suitable.

Sockets & Switches

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