3D Animations… Taking The Design Concept To A New Level

With our boat being manufactured overseas. we didn’t have the ability to pop over to the boat yard every couple of weeks for an update and a look around the vessel to see how things were progressing. So we needed absolute peace of mind that our boat builder knew exactly what we were looking for in terms of layout, materials and proportions.

A solution to this was creating a 3D visualisation of the design concept created. The software used is called 3D Studio Max, a very powerful bit of kit, in fact its what the movie ‘Avatar’ was created with.

Below you will see two animations The Fit Out Pontoon created in-house. The first is a complete tour through our virtual boat and the second is a specific animation showing our Spare Room to Office conversion concept. With both animations you can change the settings to display in HD depending on what speed internet connection you have.

Fully Rendered Image Portfolio Example

Fully Rendered Widebeam Walkthrough Example

Fully Rendered Office To Bedroom Conversion Example

3D Design Animations

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