A great way to get in to narrowboating without the added costs of full ownership. A narrow boat timeshare allows the share owner the right to use the boat for a certain period of holidays, but you do not own any part of the narrowboat.

On-line narrowboat moorings are often managed by Canal & River Trust
Buying a time share in a narrowboat is very different to owning a share
A limited number of narrowboat timeshares are available

Buying A Timeshare… Is It The Right Choice For You?

Not to be confused with narrow boat shared ownership, buying a narrowboat timeshare allows the share owner the right to use the boat for a certain period for holidays but not the right to own any part of a boat.

There are several international narrowboat timeshare organisations who partner with narrow boat holiday providers in the UK and this way of enjoying the waterways and all the associated benefits is greatly patronised.

The principal advantage for narrowboat timeshare owners is the ability to vary narrow boat holiday destinations but a substantial number of people holiday exclusively on the inland waterways.

As such, we at the FitOutPontoon hope, that whilst you canal boat timeshare owners will not be involved in any maintenance or boat upgrades, maybe we can provide you with  interesting information related to your hobby. Perhaps in the future you may consider a full share or even full ownership of your own narrow boat.

Buying A Timeshare Boat

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