Good quality sets are available in all sizes and 230 v AC as well as 12v DC and 24v DC. Your choice will depend on space and power available as well as budget.

Televisions of all sizes can be used on a narrowboat, including 230v and 12v
Televisions on narrowboats are often installed below the gunwale
A discreet TV is concealed in the foot of a bed on a narrowboat

Televisions… Introduction

Generally the 12VDC sets are more efficient for narrowboats who primarily draw their power through a DC system. There is less loss to a power inverter and in reality the current draw on the smaller sets is just a few amps. Most DC sets will come with an adapter for use on AC electricity supply so by going down this route initially you get the best of both options.

Sizes on the DC sets range from around 16” to 32” across the screens diagonally so you should be able to find a size that suits the space available on your narrow boat.

LED technology is rapidly replacing LCD sets and the advantages with LED units are they are lighter, thinner and use considerably less power than their LCD equivalents. Media evolves at such a pace that most of the latest sets will have USB ports for the recording and playback of TV and movies.

It is possible to store many films on a suitable hard-drive/USB stick and the benefits are of storage space over multiple DVD cases. Hard-drives, or USB sticks, can be also used to record and pause live TV.

Sets are available with standard DVD inputs if you wish to use a DVD player to watch your collection. Alternatively, the latest space saving products offer fully integrated DVD and HD satellite receivers and are available from 16″ screen size from around £180 from good quality retailers.

Regardless of the type of TV, signals can be picked either via a standard aerial or through a satellite receiver.


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