Our approach is quite simple, quite logical and quite effective

…We Meticulously Plan, Design & Build Canal Boats

The Fit Out Pontoon’s approach is truly unique, our business is split into two independent divisions; our design studio specialises in canal boat design projects and our production facility focuses on building bespoke canal boats.

The Fit Out Pontoon are proud to be recognised as the UK’s leading Canal Boat Design Consultancy. Excelling in the translation and communication of customer ideas we producing detailed 2D & 3D designs for manufacture/fitting out. Catering for both trade and private clients, we design, develop and refine narrowboat and widebeams designs, whether they be fully fits, sailaways or refits.

In terms of narrowboat and widebeam boat building The Fit Out Pontoon are inspired by the more interior design lead projects. Never afraid to challenge tradition, we break boundaries and create solutions. Our focus is on customer service, communication and quality. Our aim is simple; to exceed customer expectations and produce canals boats admired throughout the industry.

Our Narrowboat & Widebeam Design Services…

Narrowboat & Widebeam Canal Boat Plan, Side & End View Drawing Templates


Invalueable for anyone designing and planning their own canal boat layout, they’re the perfect aid for designing/drawing to scale. Simply select your canal boat criteria and we’ll produced, print and send you a series of 1:25 scale plan, side & end views matching your requirements.

Narrowboat & Widebeam Design Layout Planner


A professional canal boat design service which provides the ultimate foundation for managing your build/production process. We illustrate concepts in a simple, yet comprehensive manner. Eliminate client/builder misinterpretation, maximise production efficiency and prevent costly mistakes.

Tradition Narrowboat Paint Schemes


A colour scheme design service for new builds and canal boats in need of repaint. Using a digitally re-created version of your boat we’ll experiment with different layouts and colour schemes until we arrive at the perfect solution, then we’ll print you a high resolution visual to take away with you.

3D Canal Boat Rendering


Using 3D Studio Max software we take the realisation and the refinement process to a whole new level unachievable through any other design means. Created as clay models or full colour renders with textures, finishes and lighting we can export as jpeg images or full HD video walk throughs

Our Narrowboat & Widebeam Boat Building…


What is your interpretation of the word ‘bespoke’? This is a very important question. Why? Because in this industry, 99% of the time, you can have customised layout, on the proviso that its fitted out the same as every other boat… The same style. The same look. The same trim!
In contrast The Fit Out Pontoon don’t have a set style, we don’t necessarily use the same materials and we certainly don’t exhaust the same style over and over. We firmly believe when in the privileged position to commission a canal boat the realisation of exactly what you’re looking should be the primary focus… A boat built for, and around your needs.
Our build projects are customer driven. Working with the clients we design, develop and refine full working drawings and specifications. We not driven by mass production, bulk buying or standardising.
If you’re looking for something unique and rather special, you may just have found the perfect builder, click the link below for some more information.

Our Narrowboat & Widebeam Sailaway Service

Narrowboat & Widebeam Shells & Sailaways


The ultimate foundation to successfully manage the buying, planning & fitting out process. Start your canal boat project with The Fit Out Pontoon not only will you perfect the planning and design process, you’ll continuously save valuable time and money throughout the fit out process, maximising your chances of fitting out within budget. Our Sailaway Design & Planning Service brings you the instant benefits associated with having expert first hand knowledge of the canal boat design, planning and fitting out processes. Our ‘Sailaway Design & Planning Service’ has been developed to ensure you avoid those innocent yet inevitable mistakes made from lack of knowledge and/or experience.

The Fit Out Pontoon’s ‘Sailaway Design & Planning Service’ will help you finalise the specification, importantly ensuring the on-board equipment is aligned with your intended usage. We’ll take you through our comprehensive canal boat design process which includes unlimited layout & development drawing revisions. Once the design is finalised we’ll produce you a 1:25 scale detailed production drawing including the specification, layout, electrical & plumbing schematics, full dimensional detail and a separate 2D paint scheme illustrating exactly how you’d like the boat to look externally.

“Invest in our ‘Sailaway Design & Planning Service’ and benefit from substantial savings on your canal boat equipment. As canal boat builders we have trade accounts throughout the industry and are happy to pass on trade discounts for bulk orders of canal boat equipment.”