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Join us as we put our theory into practice! We have designed and built a luxury modern 69x11ft Widebeam. So, if you are considering having a boat built, building one yourself or interested in seeing the entire internal and external build process of a Canal Boat, we hope that by sharing our experience you pick up some invaluable and practical information along the way.

This section of the website is a complete and comprehensive build diary beginning at the planning stages, when we outlined our personal boat/equipment requirements. The diary then looks the design process we went through including initial drawings and sketches through to scaled drawings and specification information. We even created and included within this diary what we believe to be the first Professional 3D Computer Generated Animation which takes the design visualisation to a whole new level!

The diary progresses to a photo/text journal, from covering the complete steelwork fabrication, sand blasting and spray painting, right through to the internal fit out, finishing off with the delivery/crane lift at our mooring location.

Every step of the way is covered here and we're delighted to be able to show you the highs and lows of the entire build - a bit like 'Grand Designs' on water.

This process was both exciting and scary and taught us a great deal of information which, in turn, has been invaluable for creating this website and will hopefully help many people looking to buy or fit out or even improve their existing boat.

We hope you enjoy exploring our journey in creating, what we can now safely say, is our dream boat.

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