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This chapter will provide information on the different types of keys you will require when navigating the inland waterways.

There are a number of different keys in use around the system. All are a security feature of some description and you will need copies of them if you are to travel unhindered.

BW key, CRT key, Watermate Key, Sanitary Station Key

All frequently used names for the same Yale type key. An essential bit of kit as it will give you access to water points, sanitation stations, rubbish points, some lock gear, some town moorings, basically anywhere the CRT needs to keep reasonable secure from petty vandals. Available on-line from CRT or from various chandlers. Carry spares on board, or on a lanyard for when operating multiple locks.

Handcuff Key
Old form of basic key required for the operation of many locks on the system. It’s useful to have a spare one that has has been slightly squashed in a press or by a hammer. Some of the gear is worn & a new key can spin on the internals. Useful if attached to a lanyard when operating flights of locks.

Finally .......Floatation keyrings are essential piece of boaters equipment as it is inevitable at some point the keys will go over-board! 

Floting Keyrings
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