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A Survey differs from the Boat Safety Scheme inspection. Not all BSS examiners are surveyors and not all surveyors are BSS examiners.

Here we explore the difference and what to expect when employing the services of a Marine Surveyor.

Interestingly, at the time of writing there is no single independent governing or regulatory body covering marine surveyors. In effect this means that literally any old body can set themselves up as a specialist and start dishing out advice.

There are however professional bodies that do voluntarily regulated their members through examinations, codes of practise and regular inspections. Here in the UK there are two main organisations whom the majority of surveyors are members of one, the other or both.

These are the International Institute of Marine Surveyors and the Yatch Designers and Surveyors Association. Links to their web sites can be found below:

Click here to visit the IIMS
Click here to visit the YDSA

Both organisations provide lists of member surveyors, but to make the search easier for you we have included their members in our Services Directory.

Marine Surveyors are not always Boat Safety Examiners and BSS examiners are not always Marine Surveyors. Bare this in mind when contacting them for services and advice.

Surveyors can provide condition reports and hull surveys whereas, unless they are members of the BSS, they cannot provide the essential boat safety certificate upon which the issue of your license is dependent.
There are generally three types of marine surveys available: full survey; hull only; in water survey. Following any survey you should receive a report with any recommendations of work to be undertaken, plus importantly any rectifications required before purchase. The report will enable the potential buyer to negotiate the purchase price. Each surveyor may offer a slightly different service but as a general guide this is what can be expected, together with associated costs.
Full Survey (pre-purchase)
This is a detailed inspection, usually lasting a whole day, whilst the boat is out of the water. The survey covers the hull, structure, electrical and mechanical installations. The survey will include checking the structural condition of the vessel using ultrasonic testing equipment. Will also assess pit depths, corrosion and build quality. The survey will assess whether the vessel meets all the required standards and regulations. Some surveyors will offer a Boat Safety Certificate as part of the full survey cost. Cost for a full survey can start from £475
Hull Only Survey
This survey is often used by boat owners to understand the condition of their boats hull. Although as an absolute minimum this should be considered when purchasing a second-hand canal boat as over-plating a canal boat is a costly exercise. The inspection usually takes half a day to complete, whilst the boat is out of the water. The survey will include checking the structural condition of the vessel using ultrasonic testing equipment, hammer testing, pit depths, corrosion and initial build quality. The inspection should also check the stern gear, weed hatch and freeboard. Cost of a hull inspection start from £300.
In Water Survey
As the name suggests, this survey is completed whilst the boat is in the water and will check the structural condition of the boat and paint coating above the waterline. This survey will take approximately half a day and will also include checks on the engine, on-board systems and interior fit out. This type of survey is usually commissioned if the boat is relatively new; has had a recent hull survey or it is not possible to lift the boat from the water. An in water survey can cost upwards of £325
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