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In order to enjoy our boats we need to keep them in a safe and seaworthy state. Here we will cover some of the basic maintenance tasks that owners may wish to do themselves.

We won't get too technical so even those of you who aren't mechanically minded can get involved.

Our boats live in a harsh environment.

It's easy to forget this when we are chugging along at 3 miles per hour on a balmy summers afternoon but in order for us to enjoy our time on the water, our canal boats need looking after. In previous sections we've discussed breakdown and recovery services. It's a good idea to subscribe to such organisations for those situations that can't be resolved without the help of a professional engineer. However, many minor breakdowns can certainly be avoided by the application of a very basic maintenance programme.

Some of you may not wish to get involved in engine servicing. That's totally understandable and our goal here a the FitOutPontoon is not to turn everyone into a marine engineer! A lot of time, money, practice and experience is invested by all those engineers who service our boats and for many owners the peace of mind of a professional job is worth paying for. Many marinas and boat yards will have resident engineers who can be used for an annual service. There are many mobile marine engineers and of course there is no substitute for word of mouth so ask around. Use our Products and Services Directory as a good starting point.

Even if you are not mechanically inclined, there are still many canal boat related tasks that need to be performed to protect the longevity of your investment. There's plenty of polishing, protecting and greasing that can be done without the need to employ a professional and all of which will provide you with the satisfaction of feeling more intimately invovled with your boat.

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