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An essential bit of safety kit for the galley, here we discuss the importance of fire blankets.

All references to the Boat Safety Scheme relate to the revision dated January 2013.

If a boat has permanent cooking facilities, then a fire blanket is a necessary requirement for the Boat Safety Scheme. We would go so far as to say that even if you have portable equipment that is used infrequently or just a microwave oven, a fire blanket is a must.

The fire blanket has to conform to BS EN 1869 or the “light duty” requirements of BS 6575 and therefore must be clearly marked as such. The BSS states that if the container or blanket is not marked then there has to be supporting documentation from the blanket manufacturer that it complies.

The fire blanket must be located within approximately 2m of the main cooking appliance. It should not be mounted in a position that requires the user to reach over the appliance and it is recommended that the fixings for the blanket are permanent to allow rapid access and deployment.

Fire blankets are available from all good chandlers, most tool suppliers, specialist safety equipment suppliers and on-line. They cost from around £10 upwards, which is a small price to pay for potentially life-saving equipment.
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