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An integral part of the hull of a canal boat is the coating system applied to prevent corrosion.

Here we look at the different systems currently available.

Boat Being Taken Out Of The Water

Take a deep breath... A week to go until she goes back in the water with the hull freshly protected.

Just A Little Algae...

A good jet washing will get most of the algae off!

The Remains...

Here you can see the remains of previously fitted Anodes.

Not to Be Alarmed...

Typical pitting and corrosion you will more than likely find dotted around your boats hull.

A Scrapper Is All It Takes

With a little elbow grease and plenty of arm ache you will soon have the pitting under control.

Making Head Way...

This is the turning point, the light a the end of the tunnel! The preparation is nearly finished!

The Stern Prepared.

Here you can see the stern has totally been prepared and is ready for the first coat of protective paint.

The Bow Prepared

Here you can see the bow has totally been prepared and is ready for the first coat of protective paint.

Undercoat, Primer

Not essential but when you have taken the time and effort we had getting this hull back to metal a quick coat of protective primer was no bother at all.

Fully Primed

Primer complete just the top coats to go.

First Coat Of Bitumen

With a couple of days to go, a good weather forecast, there is plenty of time for a few good coats of bitumen before she goes back in the water.

Looking Good.

The hard work has paid of she is looking like new. Just a shame most of it is under the waterline!

All Finished

Here you can see her in all her glory just before she returns to the water. Time for a drink one thinks!

A fun subject and a fun task, hull protection is necessary if we wish to protect our investment long term.

The reasons behind the need to protect the hull are simple but the corrosion mechanisms themselves are complex. Further reading on the subject can be found in our sections on Anodes and Galvanic Isolation in our Electrics chapter above. Aside from galvanic corrosion, we talk a lot about the harsh day to day life of the canal boat hull. For some of the year it sits immobile in often dirty or oily water. For the rest of the year it is bashed and battered about in locks and against mooring pilings.
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