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It is possible to install a dishwasher on to a canal boat if space and power allows

A Dishwasher comes in 3 sizes: standard, slim-line and compact:

Dimensions (cm)
w x h x d

Capacity Energy Consumption (watts) Water Consumption (litres per standard cycle)
Standard 60 x 85 x 60 130 items 1900 - 2200 11
Slim Line 45 x 85 x 60 90 items 1900 - 2200 11
(table top)
55 x 50 x 45 40-60 items 2400 6.5
  • Energy consumption on a canal boat with no shoreline power is a major consideration.
  • There is no energy saving by opting for a smaller model, the only advantage is the space savings
  • A standard wash cycle may take over 2 hours to complete which is a consideration for using on a canal boat if you are not on shoreline power. Many models will have an eco-programme which will reduce the water and energy consumption but increase the cycle running time, which is not ideal on a canal boat without shoreline power
  • Many dishwashers also offer a half load option for a quicker solution
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