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Thank you for visiting our Oil Fired Stoves page. Our aim is to supply you with relevant, comprehensive and impartial information relating to Oil Fired Stoves.

Features: Considerations:
Fuel Storage is already on your boat Localised heat source, so can leave areas of the boat cold
Silent operation Requires regular de-coking
Do not use any electricity when gravity fed No automatic thermostatic control
Heat output is easily controlled Burn hazard for anyone living in or visiting the boat
Constant 24hr heat Requires an electrically powered pump if not gravity fed
Optional water heating with many models  
One Fuel For Propulsion, One Fuel For Heating...
A common alternative to the Solid Fuel Stove is a stand-alone Diesel Oil Fired Stove Space Heater. Available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, including stainless steel, there will be a design to suit all tastes.

Some models can be supplied with a water heating coil to supply a small radiator whilst others can be connected to a calorifier to provide a domestic hot water source.

These heaters are supplied directly from either the boat engine diesel tank or a separate dedicated heating oil tank usually fitted in the bow. Simple to maintain and easy to use, they are a clean and efficient form of heating for your boat.
Diesel Fired Stoves are equipped with simple no-moving components.

Oil is fed via a metering valve to a vapourising burner. The fuel vapourises by natural draft to burn cleanly. Some models have a viewing window where the burning flame adds ambience to the location of the installation.
It is imperative to ensure there is enough unrestricted free ventilation on your boat as any air that the stove uses for combustion must be replaced. It is also recommended to fit a carbon monoxide detector.
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