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We explored the flow through a canal boat in our chapters on designing the layout.

Bulkheads and doors are used to define spaces and make living on a boat more comfortable.

Bulkheads are simply upright walls within the shell of a canal boat.

Timber bulkheads are used to separate the area of living accommodation on a canal boat.
Bulkheads that are used to separate water tanks and engine bays from accomodation areas are usually made of steel. Some older boats may use timber between the engine compartment and the accomodation cabin.

Bulkheads are usually fitted during the first fix so that services can be planned around room scenarios. As with other timber products, bulkheads can be supplied in a range of decorative finishes. The most commonly used material is 18mm thick blockboard faced with a hardwood such as oak.

Doors are doors and are used to separate living areas. Front and rear exterior doors are usually made of steel and lined internally with a decorative timber panel matching the interior woodwork.
External doors can be either double or single and maybe located centrally or offset to port or starboard. The style and location depends upon the interior layout and the shell builder.
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