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As you navigate through the FitOutPontoon you will quickly realise that where appropriate, we give you price/cost guides relevant to your interest.

This budget section is simply here to stimulate your thought process and to give you an overview of associated costs you need to consider when buying your boat.

The sky really can be the limit here and if you’re new to boating think of a number and double it!

Seriously though, not only will you have the price of the craft itself but be mindful you will have to pay to moor it somewhere and just like the car, there is a tax in the form of a boat licence, an MOT in the form of a Boat Safety Certificate and the inevitable canal boat insurance. If your boat choice is a second hand one, you may wish to have the boat taken out of the water and surveyed.

All these costs are covered in more detail in the relevant section in the FitOutPontoon.

Cruisers can be bought for a few hundred pounds and Dutch Barges can cost several hundred thousand for a spec that can cruise European waterways.

You will have decided by now what suits your needs for living or cruising and you will have a certain sum available. Be mindful that costs are often proportionate to boat length so a 42’ boat will cost less to licence than a 70’. Before buying your dream widebeam floating apartment, it is sensible to check out mooring fees and availability in your geographic area. 

Consider your options carefully. We want you to be regular visitors to the FitOutPontoon so want you to be able to afford to run your boat!

It really is key to decide what you want your boat for and where you want to go.

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