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The Fit Out Pontoon have simplified design and drawing process with a unique service tried, tested and approved by leading boat builders.

To order, we'll produce, print & post fully customisable technical drawings sets matching your exact requirements. With over 1850 variations to choose from including different lengths, widths, sterns and bows. Start designing your dream boat now!

The Perfect Head Start To Realising Your Dream Boat
Whether you are buying a fully fitted boat from a boat builder, buying a Sailaway to fit out yourself or even re-fitting a canal boat, our fully customisable drawing sets will propel your project from concept to reality. Many of our customers feel purchasing these drawing sets proved to be the most valuable investment made during their entire project.

Watch our introductory video and imagine just how much your project will benefit from a professional head start...

Originally in 2012 we launched a very basic set of downloadable pdf plan views to help people like yourself with the design of their canal boats.

These drawings were very well received, however most of our visitors only had access to A4 printers, and many felt this was too small to work from. We also had similar feedback from the trade, whilst regularly designing boats for some of the UK's leading boat builders they too generally only had access to A4 printers.

So... Following popular demand we invested in a large format printer allowing us to print from a roll without paper length constraints... The longer the boat the longer the page. Over a six month period we slowly developed a foundation of canal boat drawings which created an opportunity to pass on our professional drawing skills for others to benefit from.

All our drawings are drawn to an industry standard of 1:25 scale, as an added feature we overlay a simple grid structure where each square within the grid represents one imperial foot (1ft). This grid structure is simple but extremley effective in aiding the scaled drawing design process.

All drawings sets are printed on an extremely durable 180g heavyweight coated paper. Drawing sets are dispatched in postal tubes ensuring they reach you in perfect condition, without creases.
Qty.1 Design / Development Sheet
Containing: 3x Narrowboat Plan Views or 2x Widebeam Plan Views & 4x End Views.
Use this version to explore different layouts.

Qty.1 Engineered Drawing Sheet
Containing: 1x Starboard Elevation, 1x Plan View, 1x Port Side Elevation & 4x End Views.
Use this version to take your final design concept to a more advanced stage.
Qty.1 Manufacture Drawing Sheet
Containing: 1x Plan View & 4x End Views.
Use this version for your final design concept where you can add dimensions
and using left hand key you can easily identify electrical & plumbing details.
Qty.1 Essential Equipment Sheet
Containing: Illustrations drawn to the exact scale of your design drawing set, this sheet contains common appliances, furniture, beds, showers, stoves, radiators & toilets to give you a head start with the drawing.

Customer Feedback: As these are all drawn to the correct scale of your drawings, cut these out and in a jigsaw type way explore different layouts before you commit pen to paper.
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