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Another technology advance in the class of lead acid batteries.

AGM batteries for canal boats offer owners more options when specifying power systems.

An AGM battery is another lead-acid battery to be found in the sub group of VRLA batteries (see Gel Batteries above).

Absorbed Glass Mat...
AGM refers to Absorbed Glass Mat and the clue is in the definition. Very thin glass fibres are woven into a mat and used as a separator to hold the electrolyte. Although the glass fibres themselves do not absorb the electrolyte, the matting itself holds enough electrolyte in close contact with the plates for the life of the battery. The plates of an AGM battery can be any shape with some cells being flat or other types being rolled.

Vibration and Spill Proof...
AGM batteries really are a step up in the evolution of lead-acid batteries when compared to both wet cells and gel batteries. They are spill proof and much more vibration and impact resistant than their counterparts.

Conventional Charging Systems...
One big advantage over gel batteries is that AGM batteries use the same charge parameters as wet cells so they can be a genuine drop-in replacement.

Remember, they are a form of VRLA so attention still has to be paid to charging rates. Too vigorous overcharging and the gases will not recombine fast enough and you will ruin the battery bank (not to mention your personal Bank)!
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