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The availability of LED lighting for canal and narrowboats is transforming on-board lighting design.

In this article we explore the technical considerations when specifying 12VDC lighting.

Now traditionally canal boat lighting has been pretty limited. Taking its cue from mainly the more popular caravan market, you were lucky to be offered 2 or 3 basic styles. Fluorescent tubes and car type bulbs were about the extent of the choice. Luckily that has all changed.

It’s A No Brainer LED’s Are The Only Way!
LED bulb lighting will by far and away be the most power efficient as far as connecting to your battery bank is concerned. LED lights are also a safer solution, many other traditional bulbs generate a substantial amount of heat which doesn't instill confidence when you've left your wooden clad boat with a light on!

What are LED Lights?
A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it.

Buying a New Canal Boat?
Double check with your builder LED Lights are inclusive in the standard specification upgrade if necessary.

Replacement LED Bulbs Are Available
Our advice is to replace standard bulbs with direct LED replacements! Many LED bulbs are a straight plug in replacement for the older style. For details on the older style please refer to the Canal Boat Bulb Types chapter below.

How efficient are LED lights in comparison?
Typically when replacing halogen bulbs LED Light bulbs you'll save around 90%. Put another way it you can power 10 LED bulbs for the same amount of power as 1 halogen bulb draws!

LED lights Don't Like Voltage Spikes!
LED’s do not like voltage spikes. They work best and give longer life if run on a smooth constant voltage. We recommend you buy the types that have protective diodes built into the circuitry. They are a little more expensive but will win in the long run.
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